Up the Revolution! Podcast


Date: 12/03/16

Guests: Holly Argent; Jill Heslop; Julia Heslop; Toby Lloyd; Hannah Marsden; Pauline Mayers; Alison Merritt-Smith; Sebastian Messer; Stephen Pritchard; Andrew Wilson; Adam Young.

Description: Up The Revolution is a weekly (unedited) Arts and Culture podcast, supported by East Street Arts & held over breakfast usually on a Monday morning, but this time on a Saturday,  at various locations, usually in Leeds but this time in Newcastle. The idea is to create a regular dialogue between people – artists and non artists – who all sign up to being honest and open in their contributions and responses to the provocations brought to the table. The speakers may be interchangeable but constant is to preface every question with “can the contemporary arts really be radical and revolutionary, and if so how?”

The topic up for discussion was: Art Fatigue// Spinning Plates// Keeping It Together.
How are we all doing? How are we feeling? Are we optimistic for the future or is getting out of bed a daunting task? Can we talk about this? Do we talk about this? Are we looking after ourselves?

You can listen to the podcast here

Thanks: Up The Revolution is presented by Adam Young and made possible through East Street Arts


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