Announcing Luby’s Legs


Luby’s Legs is a legacy project for artist Carole Luby (1943-2015) whose unique personality and generosity inspired many artists and supported a creative community in Newcastle upon Tyne. In the later years of her life Carole opened her home by hosting events, residencies and critical discussion for artists to gather, share and make work. Her home, 25sg, fostered a valued support network for artists, often giving artists their first opportunities and at the same time bringing them into dialogue with those more established. Carole believed passionately in risk taking, spontaneity and hospitality, and embraced the intimacy and conviviality of the domestic space.

As a celebration of this life and a continuation of her work, we are establishing a small grants programme to support artists based in Newcastle upon Tyne to develop their practice at the crucial early stage. We recognise that for artists at the beginning of their practice a little investment, financial and emotional, can go a long way in building the confidence to continue. Also important is the need to widen networks and to expand experiences to other cities. Beginning in 2017, the project will work with a minimum of two artists each year to build a bespoke programme tailored to their needs and interests.  This will include a cash grant for the research and development of new work alongside a supportive programme of meals, meetings, events and field-trips to initiate introductions to other artists and arts professionals.

Taking inspiration from Carole’s use of the home, the base for this programme will be our house, HMO Projects. Luby’s Legs will be managed by Toby Lloyd and Hannah Marsden as a distinct strand of the programme at HMO, funds will be administered through the HMO bank account and documentation will be hosted on this website.

The programme has been made possible by the generous contributions from Carole’s children. For this we are thankful.

You can follow the developments here.


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