Live/Work Discussion with Lloyd & Wilson

Artist House 45

Live/Work Discussion with Lloyd & Wilson

Date: Saturday 11 June 2016, 10.00 – 12.00

Guests:  Maggie Etheridge, Patrick Hargreaves, Julia Heslop, Ben Jones, Toby Lloyd, Hannah Marsden, Carla Moss, Jonathan Orlek,  Harriet Sutcliffe, and Andrew Wilson.

Description: Artist duo Lloyd & Wilson hosted a discussion about Live/Work which began by sharing experiences from their ongoing Live/Work residency Artist House 45 initiated by East Street Arts in Leeds. Guests were invited to join in and share their own thoughts and questions about Live/Work.

Topics to talk about:

  • What does Live/Work mean?
  • What are the benefits or drawbacks of Live/Work?
  • Zoning space
  • Dwelling and embedding
  • Balance and boundaries
  • Staying and leaving

The event coincided with Lloyd & Wilson’s residency at PROTOHOME, a self-build housing project in Ouseburn initiated by artist Julia Heslop working with members of the homeless charity, Crisis. For information about PROTOHOME and their residency visit:

Live_Work June 2016


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