LAB/HMO Exchange 2016

Date: Wednesday 2nd – Friday 4th March 2016


Newcastle artists// Alex Brunt, Edwin Li, Hannah Marsden

Leeds artists// Jessica Charlotte, Joely Fielding, Martyna Kozanecka, Ben Mills, Adam Young


Following on from the exchange weekend in September 2015, HMO and Live Art Bistro brought the artists back together for a big sleepover at Art Hostel in Leeds. A timetable of workshops, readings, group performance, eating, drinking and not much sleeping ensued…


12pm – 1pm: Arrive at Live Art Bistro to drop gear and cars then have lunch.

1pm – 2pm: Reading of texts

2pm – 3:30pm: 3x 30 minute workshops

3:30pm – 4pm: Visit Leeds College of Art exhibition ‘CKMY//‘ next to LAB

4pm – 7pm: Head over to Art Hostel, check in settle down, eat dinner, discussion and reading texts

7pm: Free time


9am – 10am: Breakfast

10am: Group check in

11am – 1pm: 3x 30 minute workshops

1pm – 2:30pm: Lunch at Art Hostel

2:30pm – 4pm: 2x 30 minute workshops

4pm – 5pm: Reflections

5pm – 7pm: Open Space for group to decide how to spend working together/separately

7pm: Free time


9am – 9:30am: Breakfast

9:30am – 10:30am: Audio recorded discussion // Check out // re-reading of texts

11am – 12pm: Bye Bye’s

Thanks: Huge thanks to East Street Arts for paying artists’ fees and putting us up at the Art Hostel.


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