HOST: Experiments in Art, Food and Shared Life (with Holy Biscuit)

Throughout October and November 2016 we are pleased to be working with Holy Biscuit as part of HOST.
HOST is an experimental art programme of shared meals, discussion and communal activities designed to test out notions of hospitality. The aim is to open up shared spaces where we can think critically and creatively together about the role that hospitality might play in communal life.
Co-produced and activated by the community at Holy Biscuit, the project arises from a desire to better understand the gallery’s relationship to the people that use it as well as to reflect on wider social and political issues of the present moment.
Throughout HOST different groups connected to Holy Biscuit will conduct practical exercises in hospitality to build a collective knowledge. A growing archive of drawings, photographs, diagrams, testimonies, transcripts and recipes, will be presented in the gallery as a record of our ‘acts of hospitality’ to make the learning visible as the project unfolds.
Full details of this exciting and innovative project can be found in this menu of events



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