Basic Design Workshop with Harriet Sutcliffe

Image: Newcastle University Hatton Gallery Archive
Image: Newcastle University Hatton Gallery Archive

Basic Design Workshop with Harriet Sutcliffe

Date: Saturday 25 June, 14.00 – 16.00

Guests: Elizabeth Black, Christine Egan-Fowler,Toby Lloyd,Hannah Marsden,Paul Raymond, Melanie Stephenson, Harriet Sutcliffe.

Description: Led by artist Harriet Sutcliffe, this workshop was inspired by one of the experimental, process-led exercises undertaken on the Basic Design Course. It aimed to begin to explore whether the exercises are relevant and useful in the context of contemporary Fine Art training. Participants contributed their own experience and knowledge of teaching art in a range of settings to enrich this exploration.

The Basic Design Course, at Kings College, University of Durham (now Newcastle University), was devised by Richard Hamilton and Victor Pasmore in the 1950’s and 1960’s, to ‘shake up’ how Fine Art was being taught in further and higher education. The Basic Design Course had no strict aims, however, its overall approach was to create a new experimental pedagogic art school training, more in tune with the field of contemporary art being produced in America, Western Europe and the UK at the time.


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